Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choose the right food – It’s not that hard.

There are many factors that influence our eating patterns; some of them are hunger, habits, availability, convenience and nutritional importance. Undoubtedly the strongest reason we choose to eat certain food is for their taste. We all like the taste of sweet and salty foods and we end up eating a lot f it. We also like foods such as those we eat at family gatherings. Social pressure also has a very strong impact on food choices. and social circle. Many of us feel that it is rude not to accept food in certain social situations as we have felt the pressure of being forced to eat at various celebrations even though we are not hungry or are trying to watch our calorie intake. Availability and convenience also play a role in choosing the foods we eat. You don’t get to eat foods that are unavailable or unaffordable. In addition because we are all so very busy, most of the times we pick foods based on convenience. We are more likely to choose foods that we can pop right away rather than prepare a meal. Physical and emotional stress also affects our eating habits. People respond to stress by eating; others may eat food to kick away their loneliness, boredom or anxiety.

As you can see there are a several reasons for choosing the food we eat. How do you get yourself to select foods with good nutritional value?
Well, to do so successfully we need to educate ourselves about the nutrients that our body needs and specifically what foods supply them in adequate amounts for optimal health and fitness.
What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for tomorrow, start making small changes right now and stay healthy. 

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