Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Glasses Of Water – The Healthy Eating During Christmas.

It’s Christmas in a couple of days and I have already started eating the sweets. I am not going to deprive myself of the food and sweets this Christmas. But I am also not going to forget about my health. Well, as always I have a plan to go about with this festive season and I am going to stick to it. I have come up with a simple yet very effective step. I have named it “Two Glasses Of Water”. This practice will guide me and you to stay healthy and at the same time not deprive oneself of the delicious Christmas food and sweets that we can indulge in once a year.

“Two Glasses Of Water” – How to Practice?
Drink a glass of water before eating any sweets and another glass of water after eating. The first glass of water will help you in eating less because you will feel full and the second glass of water will prevent you from overindulging in more sweets because again, you will feel full.

Alcohol is something that is had in plenty during this time. So if you are not able to avoid the drinks, here is a solution. Drink two glasses of water for a glass of alcohol. So start with a glass of water and every glass of alcohol must be followed by a glass of water. The water will help in reducing the diuretic effect (alcohol increases urination and flushes water from the body) and at the same time it will help you in keeping away from overindulging.

It’s simple. The idea of this practice is to stay full most of the times so that you don’t overindulge.

This practice of “Two Glasses Of Water” will not only help you through this Christmas season but also throughout your life. 

Stay Healthy! 


  1. Thanx. This sounds simple yet brilliant.
    I have a ginormous sweet tooth and I don't shy away from indulging it.Was wondering how I'd keep things in check this time of the year.

  2. @Amropali. Thank you very much :) Its really simple and it does work. If you stick to the practice, i am sure you will eat alot less than you used to and at the same time you will not deprive the Ginormous sweet tooth of urs :)

    @Shri Ram Ayyangar. Thank you very much. It's definitely working. If it works for me, it will surely work for everybody else. But the key must stick to Two Glasses. I got some good feedback from my family and friends.