Friday, December 3, 2010

Exercises For Women Trouble Zones - Butt, Thighs and Hips

The most important thing a woman wants from her workout program is to get in good shape. When they talk about good shape, they are talking about their hips, butt and thighs. Before I write more, let me just tell you why women choose/need to work more on these areas than the other. It is because the physiology of a woman is such that most of the excess fat/weight is accumulated in these three areas. While in a man it is the abdominal area that carries a lot of excess fat/weight. Let me be very clear to all the women and men; Spot reduction is not possible. Only a combination of aerobic/cardio training and weight training can shape you up and give you results.

Include the following exercises in your workout routines and see results. 

Aerobic Training
Aerobic dance/Cardio routines
Stair climbing/Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Weight Training

Now that you know what to do to lose all that fat, just get going. Stick to a proper weight/fat loss diet and exercises and you will start seeing changes in a couple of months. Remember, no matter how overweight and out of shape you are, you can always turn things around by exercising and making right food choices. 
Please consult your physician before starting any workout program especially if you have any health issue. 

Stay Healthy!


  1. Hey, that was an informative article. Weight loss through proper exercise is very essential.

    It would have been even more informative, if u could add some links to the video showing these exercise and the do's and don't and also the number of times, it should be repeated.

    Also, i have a suggestion, why don't u write a post on "exercising for lazy people!"



  2. Thank you Restless :-)

    Thats the kind of feedback i like. You wanted video links to exercises. I have put in good time to view and select the best videos demonstrating proper technique and do's and don'ts.

    Do this exercises 2-3 times in a week on a non consecutive day.
    Begin with 10-15 repetitions and gradually increase to 20 repetitions.
    Do 1-2 sets of each exercise and gradually increase to 3-4 sets.
    Do not do all exercises on the same day. Split them on different days.

    Your suggestion - "Exercising for lazy people" is a lovely suggestion and an important topic to write on. I will surely write on that topic soon.

    Stay Healthy!