Friday, November 26, 2010

Is Weight Training Good For Women?

Weight Training is absolutely good for women, knowing that as a woman grows older, physiological changes that occur with post menopause, the bones of a woman loses density and becomes fragile. This is the reason why women suffer from osteoporosis more than the men. But why do a majority of women do not like to weight train? The answer is simple; they are scared of getting muscles like man. They are worried of looking manly. But let me tell this to all the women around the world, you won’t get bigger, muscular and manly, unless the weight training program is really extreme like that of a bodybuilder and unless your testosterone levels are high like that of a man. It is the high levels of testosterone in man that causes bigger muscles and higher strength gains. 

So how does weight training help a woman?
Weight training puts stress on the bones which causes it to strengthen. So a well designed weight training workout and a balanced diet can help women stay stronger throughout her life and avoid osteoporosis that usually accompanies physiological changes and age.

To conclude I would advice all women to do weight training at least 2–3 times a week. A certified/professional Personal Trainer would design the right kind of weight training workout for you. And remember a proper designed weight training program “won’t make your body like that of a man, it will only make you physically stronger like a man”.

Stay Healthy!

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  1. yes ! and we need to go beyond the pretty pink dumbells -women who lift weights rock !

  2. Very good point Varsha, those tiny colorful dumbbells aren't enough. Women who lift weights totally ROCKS!!! And since you also weight train...heres one for you "Varsha Rocks" :-)

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing on this topic. Nice details. It has really impressed me.Keep up the good work Beginner weight training for women.