Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Common movements a person with osteoporosis should avoid.

In one of my earlier post I wrote about the importance of calcium for osteoporosis. Today I want to make you aware of the certain movements that can aggravate the problem and has to be avoided whether you are working out in a gym or at home. I have prepared a list of exercises that a person with osteoporosis should avoid.

Jumping exercises such as plyometrics, high impact aerobics, jogging and running puts a lot of impact on the bones which can cause further damage to the bones.

Spinal flexion
Spinal flexion exercises such as crunches and rowing machines (rowing machine, which is otherwise one of the best cardiovascular as well as strength training exercise) should be avoided by a person with osteoporosis.

Step aerobics
Many individuals take part in step aerobics which is actually a very good form of cardiovascular exercise however step aerobics should be excluded from your exercise routine.

Leg adduction and abduction against a resistance
Not many people know that adducting and abducting leg movements against resistance are actually bad for those with osteoporosis.

Neck Pull
This movement of pulling the neck with the hands behind the head is mostly done during cool down periods and while stretching the upper trapezius muscle. Avoid it.

While the above listed movements cause no risk to a fit person, a person with osteoporosis should avoid these forms of movements. Like these there will be more movements that are good for a fit person but might not be right for those with the problem of osteoporosis. Please consult your physician before getting into any form of exercises.

Stay Healthy! 

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