Friday, September 24, 2010

Is your diet plan hitting boredom? Don’t worry

Like we always treat ourselves whenever we achieve something that we worked for, the same way we have to treat ourselves when we achieve our fitness goals. This approach to your exercise regimen will keep you motivated to exercise.

Most exercisers who begin an exercise program are on a strict diet. They try to follow it every day. But there are days when one feels like eating something that they always enjoyed eating, like pastries, ice creams, and junk food. While some can overcome these tempting thoughts, the rest fall for it. And this section of people feel the guilt and this guilt of letting themselves down and not sticking to the diet plan probably leads them to missing their workout session or gives them thoughts that they cannot go one with the exercise regimen.

Now, let me tell you something, it is not at all bad to eat something that you crave for once in a while. However you have to keep a check on the quantity. Ask yourself this question; what is the benefit of a vigorous workout if I eat a piece of pastry which has around 400 -600 calories in 100g? No benefit.
The best way to tackle this kind of cravings is by rewarding yourself. If you are on a strict diet and are so tired  of it that you are thinking of giving up, just cease that thought because there is a simple and yet most effective solution to this problem.

Once in a while reward yourself with a small treat with the food that you crave for. Rewarding yourself once in 15 days or once in a week is a practical approach, because in this manner you will know that you are going to eat something that you feel like eating and at the same time won’t have any guilt when you eat it and will stay motivated to exercise regularly.

Stay Healthy!

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